Brilliant Secret Santa Gifts – #3 Spice Barrow

Fun miniature wheel barrow ideal for a kitchen table with spices or salt and pepper

A stocking full of gifts is one of the simple pleasures of Christmas morning. We’ve picked some of our favourite stocking fillers from this year’s JamPot selection, so you can give them a gift that makes them smile all day and beyond. After all, it’s the little things that count!

If there’s one thing we all love doing, it’s putting salt on our food. Chips, eggs, beans on toast. Some things tend to need a little extra. But why have a boring grinder (or if you’re really awful, just the big white Saxa bottle), when you could be sprinkling your salt straight from the Spice Barrow. A welcome edition to brighten up any table top.

But don’t let us fence you in. It can be used for any number of herbs and spices. Have it on the dinner table, or just to hand in the kitchen filled with whatever you like. Flour to flick out all fancy like before you start rolling your pizza dough like they do on the telly. Paprika to spice up those aforementioned beans. Keep you garlic cloves in it. Hey, we’re not gonna tell you how to cook, but as a gift, or a treat for your own kitchen, the Spice Barrow has you covered.

Or use it in your office.  It looks great on your desk and it’s great for keeping paperclips!

Click the link to view the fantastic Spice Barrow. Now on sale for only £10 – so perfect for Secret Santa!!!


Material: Zinc alloy, ABS, PVC
Miniature wheelbarrow
Suitable for herbs and spices
Dimensions: 7 x 11.5 x 6 cms

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