Great Christmas Secret Santa Gifts – #1 Handmade Norwich Candles

A stocking full of gifts is one of the simple pleasures of Christmas morning. We’ve picked some of our favourite stocking fillers from this year’s JamPot selection, so you can give them a gift that makes them smile all day and beyond. After all, it’s the little things that count!

#1 – Handmade Norwich Candles

The perfect gift…specially from Norwich!

Our candle waxes are made from 100% pure natural wax, either beeswax, soy wax or a blend of the two, as these waxes are sustainable and renewable and provide a clean, non-toxic burn. The beeswax candles especially act as an air purifier, cleaning the air rather than releasing chemicals like many artificial candles do, with beautiful range of fragrances.

Click the link to view our Norwich Candles



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